Now is the time to start taking Automation governance, delivery and support seriously. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has proven to produce an improvement in efficiency, lower business operating cost, standardise processes, free staff to work elsewhere and improve resilience …the way we work has changed!

The key to successful RPA delivery is to implement a well-structured and well-functioning RPA Centre of Excellence (COE).

What is a Robotic Process Automation COE? 

An RPA COE is an in-house team (large or small) that provides leadership, expertise, and best practices for RPA and thereby scalability to automate unlimited processes.

The benefits of an RPA COE

Creating an RPA COE will significantly improve an organisation’s ability to achieve its automation goals, ensuring the full value of the RPA solution is realised and thereby maximise ROI.

A COE enables companies to better gather, assess and manage the necessary knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively deploy an RPA solution, and provides guidelines to overcome any challenges that surface along the RPA journey.

A competent RPA COE team is the long-term strategic approach to ensure RPA is embedded into the organisation, and automation ingrained into the culture of the organisation.

An RPA COE enables an organisation to scale RPA at the enterprise level through common technology, best practise processes and procedures, and governance model. It provides a scalable foundation to allow an organisation to redistribute process automation knowledge

The JifJaff RPA COE

The JifJaff Nine Pillars of Automation provide the foundation, scalability, training, approach, structure & governance to allow the RPA COE team to deliver RPA internally through a robust framework. This approach provides a clear line of sight crucial to achieving business benefits, ROI and thereby tackling common RPA scalability challenges.

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